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Project: Ultimate Rustler


From its humble beginnings as an RTR with a MSC in Fall 1999 to its retirement in Summer 2003, the Ultimate Rustler project was my pride & joy. It was the vehicle that got me into hobby-level RC, the one that got me known in the online RC community, and the one that spawned UltimateTraxxas.com and eventually the entire Ultimate RC Network.

These pages have been organized to show you the final, most advanced and refined incarnation of the Ultimate Rustler, giving you all of the information you need to duplicate it and taste the dramatic performance improvement its modifications give over the stock vehicle.

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The Rundown

The Ultimate Rustler has no secrets -- I've got every detail of its construction & modifications detailed here.

  1. Jangification, page 1
  2. Jangification, page 2
  3. Rear Suspension
  4. Front Suspension - Shock Remount
  5. Front Suspension - N.Rustler Hubs
  6. Drivetrain
  7. Summary & Photos


Saved here are the old work-in-progress pages from previous versions, to show you some of the less extreme things I tried, some of which worked, and some of which didn't. These are only here for historical purposes, and I can't recommend that you follow any of these old examples today.