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Project: Ultimate E-Maxx - Valkyrie

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It is true. The beloved Valkyrie is no more. It has been largely dismantled to recycle its parts, one of its brushless motor systems has been sold, and the other is in use on the Spyder and other projects.

Why would I kill such a glorious project? It wasn't me. No, I don't mean it was someone else's fault. The truck just wasn't me. It wasn't my style. This vehicle had roughly $3,500 worth of parts riding on its oversized, overpowered wheels, with still more investment waiting to happen. It was a money hole. Worst of all, though, there wasn't much original about it. Technically, anyone could go out & spend the same amount of money on the same off-the-shelf parts, add the two extra battery trays, polish the shocks, and end up with a perfect Valkyrie clone. The truck had no real originality -- no unique claim to fame.

Yes, it was pretty darn amazing in its own right, but I simply did not feel attached to it. So, I killed it. Some of the money that went into it will be siphoned back out and used for greater good in some projects that are truly worthy of the "Ultimate" title.

R.I.P. Valkyrie. We had some good times together.


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Project Log

The vehicle may be long gone, but details of its buildup live on. View the project log >