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Once, the projects of Ultimate Traxxas were all agents of good. First there was the underdog Ultimate Rustler that ultimately became a champion. Then the Ultimate Stampede, affordable, true to its pure Traxxas roots, then the nitro-slaying Spyder, and the valiant Valkyrie. In early 2003, however, a dark haze descended upon us with a firey underglow, laying extended seige to our hearts and minds. More than four years later, the haze lifted, and Daemonsbane was revealed in all of its blood-red glory.

Where the Ultimate Rustler was light, efficient, and finesseful, Daemonsbane is a beast that thrives off shameless excess. Loaded with hand-made and hard-to-find components, Daemonsbane is one of the most exclusive and heavily customized Rustlers ever made.

Here's just a partial parts list:

  • Nightmare Racing Chassis (final production prototype)
  • Duratrax Streak ESC
  • Hitec Aggressor FM radio system
  • Trinity Monster Maxx Wild 17T 550 motor
  • MaxAmps 4000mah 3S1P 11.1V LiPo battery
  • Handmade 3mm red-inlaid carbon fiber upper chassis
  • Handmade 3mm red-inlaid carbon fiber front shock tower
  • Handmade 3mm red-inlaid carbon fiber and delrin rear shock tower assembly
  • Handmade Delrin rear body mount brackets
  • RD Racing Nitro Rustler front caster blocks, red
  • RD Racing Nitro Rustler rear hub carriers, red
  • Handmade red anodized aluminum front suspension pin tiebar
  • Team Losi XXX-T Matt Francis Edition ball cups
  • RPM Gear Cover for Traxxas Electric Rustler & Stampede (yellow - dyed red) 80407
  • RPM Gold Wheel Nuts & Nock-Offs f/ Sedans w/ 4mm Axles (for front, bored to 5mm) #80814
  • HPI Super Star MT wheels (gold) front #2130
  • HPI Super Star MT wheels (gold) rear #2165
  • HPI Lamborghini Murcielago Body (WB 2800mm) 7515
  • RC Neon red underbody glow set
  • RC Neon headlight & taillight set
  • RC-ONE 4mm Gold aluminum/nylon nuts w/ flange #9641 (through ImexRC)
  • OFNA Front Aluminum Shock (Pirate 10) #17142
  • OFNA Rear Aluminum Shock (Pirate 10) #17143
  • Team Orion gold battery bones #40112
  • Racers Edge Silicone Fuel Tubing Solid Red #RE3500SR
  • Racers Edge Futaba Servo Saver Orange 103150
  • Racers Edge 3mm Aluminum flat head washers red RE10200R
  • Racers Edge red aluminum antenna mount
  • Racers Edge red antenna tube
  • Racer's Edge Translucent Red Body Clips RE 1075TR
  • General Silicones aluminum lock nuts (3mm) GS-N00210BR
  • General Silicones aluminum spine servo saver, red
  • Traxxas steering blocks & wheel spindles (Nitro Rustler/Stampede) #2536
  • Traxxas turnbuckles (62mm) #3139
  • Traxxas turnbuckles (54mm) #1937
  • Traxxas Nitro Rustler rear a-arms
  • RC Raven red-dyed zinc-coated cap-head screws
  • Dyed steerinb bellcranks
  • Miscellaneous red anodized hardware

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"Daemonsbane: Dust to Dust" (6 min 27 sec)

View the Video
"Daemonsbane: Lost Footage" (1 min 24 sec)

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