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Guide: Street Sport Wheel Conversion


Everyone wants to make their car look and handle better, right? A couple of good ways to do so are to install a new body and install some new wheels. Unfortunately for owners of the Traxxas Street Sport, the front wheels rotate on a fixed axle, instead of the axle and wheel rotating inside a steering spindle (aka knuckle). If you want to use standard touring car (TC) wheels on your Street Sport, you'll have to do some simple mods.


Required Parts:
1 pair Rustler/Stampede steering spindles
2 pair standard TC wheels (24mm or 26mm)
2 pair standard TC tires of your choice
1 set (4 pair) 5x8 bearings
2 pair Rustler/Stampede front axles
2 pair Rustler/Stampede drive hubs

Required Tools:
Phillips Screwdriver
Sharp Hobby Knife
Drill/Drill bits

1) The first step is to take a trip to your Local Hobby Shop (LHS) or to towerhobbies.com, if you're not graced with a hobby shop. Pick out some touring car wheels you like and get some aftermarket tires for them (because the stock centerpoint slicks are hideous.) Also, pick up 4 5x8 bearings, Stampede steering spindles, stampede axles, and stampede pins and hexes.

2) From here, it's pretty easy. Just take off the stock steering knuckles, assemble the pede units, and install them. You'll have to shorten up the steering turnbuckle by screwing the ends tighter. At this point, you should install a pair of Stampede drive hexes on the axle pins in the rear axle of the Street Sport. Glue your tires to your wheels and let the glue dry.

3) If you try to fit the wheels onto your axles at this point, they will not fit because the hole in them is far too small. To make the wheels fit, drill a 7/32" hole in the center of the wheel (drill "through" the smaller hole). Use a drill press if you have access to one! Now, you can install your wheels on the front and rear. However, there will likely be a space between the wheel and the end of the axle. To remedy this, I placed a used bushing (from the old wheels) right before the locknut.

4) Depending on the wheels you got, they may rub against some suspension parts when you make a turn. To fix this, install the screw which holds the camber block in place from the back, so the head is towards the rear of the car. You may also need to shave away some miscellaneous composite from the front of the suspension arm to allow free movement when the wheels are fully turned.

- Colin Doyle