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XxDRIVERxX's Dirt Oval Rustler


It all started when I bought myself an Associated T3. Racing it offroad on Fridays and then racing oval on Saturdays got annoying because I had to completely change the truck's setup every Saturday morning. I opened up my box with all my Rustler parts and decided to race it oval and my T3 offroad. No more changing setups every week, what a great idea!!


All images and descriptions by XxDRIVERxX (XxDRIVERxX6 in the Ultimate Forums, XxDRIVERxX@Hotmail.com by email).

** Be sure to click on the images below to see the large, zoomed-in versions **

Click to enlarge

Here is a picture with the body mounted. You can see that I use a Proline F150 body painted with Dupli Color Mirage color-changing paint. It turns from green to purple to blue! I also use Proline Strikers all around mounted on RPM Talonz Rims.

Click to enlarge

Here is a picture of the front end. I run Team Associated blue aluminum shocks, Team Associated blue springs all around, RD Racing carbon fiber shock tower and bulkhead brace, RPM wide front bumper, and Lunsford titanium rods all around for their lightness and durability. You can see my camber and toe settings because I race it on a banked oval track.

Click to enlarge

Here is an overhead shot. You can see the White Racing carbon fiber lower chassis with a custom-made White Racing top plate that I designed, meant for the stock chassis and custom-fit for this chassis. I use a BRP roll over antenna because usually the marshalls are slow, so Iwould rather just have my car flip itself! You can see I run a LRP IPC Pro Sport with Deans connectors and Jr receiver, Xr3 radio and JR racing servo with 100oz./in. of torque. I run full ball bearings, ceramic and rubber sealed. I also use RPM bearing carriers so I can use 5x11's for the axles.

Click to enlarge

Here is the under chassis with the full blue screw set from Associated for the Nitro Rustler. I mount my battery cups in the middle and the farthest outer mounting areas and use foam to move them up and down.

Click to enlarge

Here is the rear of the truck. I use MIP shiny CVD's and a Reedy MVP stock motor or a Reedy Ti 12x2. I now use Deans to connect the motor to the ESC (pictured with bullet connectors). I have since custom cut the motor guard so Ican use an Associated TC3 large heat sink when running the Ti (gets a bit hot because of my tall gearing).