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whoop_fast's Onroad E-Rustler


It all started when my nextdoor neighbor bought his first hobby level R/C...a Traxxas Rustler...As soon as I saw his truck, and the speed it had, I just had to have one. So, I went and checked out the piggybank...after counting my money over and over, just to be sure I had enough, I was sure I had enough...So then it began...my life with my Rustler. I drove my Rustler stock for a while, until I decided that it was not fast enough, so I had to upgrade...At the time, there was no good source for information about customizing Rustlers...but then along came this site, Ultimate Traxxas, and dear god, was it ever great...within days, my rustler was in the state you see it in now...on to the pictures!!!


All images and descriptions by whoop_fast (chillier3 in the Ultimate Forums, chiller3@excite.com by email).

** Be sure to click on the images below to see the large, zoomed-in versions **

Click to enlarge

This picture is of the front end of my Rustler, which I race on a Ozite Carpet oval. As you can see, I have to run foam tires, and have trememndous amounts of camber, in order to get any sort of traction on the turns...at first this may look ridiculous, but I gaurantee you that it works. It wasn't long before my front shock tower broke...in fact, it was while I was racing on the carpet oval. So, since my LHS was out of regualr Rustler shock towers, I decided to go for this bad boy, which is actually an old Traxxas SRT front shock tower. After a little modifying on my part, I got it to fit, and it is great, because there is now basically no front flex, so my handling is actually better.

Click to enlarge

The class I race in requires you to use a stock motor, so I went for the tried and true Trinity P2K Pro. I have it geared 26/78 when I am racing, which may sound ridiculous, but it actually works, and my motor does not burn up. AS you can also see, I have aluminum shocks on all four corners, which provide superior dampening. The electronic speed control I have chosen to use is a Novak Fusion, just because of size, and durability. I still use the stock Traxxas TQ radio, and I use matched 2000 packs to race with, and Radioshack 200's to bash around with. You can also see some of the chassis modifications I have done in this picture.

Click to enlarge

This is an overhead shot, which clearly shows the extensive modifications I made to my chassis. You can also see that I use Dean connectors for my batteries, and straight solder my motor leads to my motr, for superior electrical resistence compared to tamiya and bullet connectors. In this picture you can also see the ounce of lead weight I have on the left side of my chassis, since I am running on an oval. The tire wear on the foams is also evident in theis picture.

Click to enlarge

This picture shows the large amount of small holes I made under my battery, as well as the modifications I made to my A-arms. You can also see my tool of choice for cutting up my Rustler...a Dremel tool...


I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Rustler!

Thanks a lot!!!