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onroadrider's Street Nitro Rustler


Once upon a time there was a slow little Rustler who wanted to be very fast. He tried and tried, but to no end could he keep up. Months and months passed and no matter how much practice he just couldn't go fast. Then one day he heard of a little hobby shop. They all told him if you want to go fast you will have to seek out the Wizard. At last a glimmer of hope as he set off on his journey.

Through the burning waste land he traveled until one day, can it be, yes... yes... its the Wizard's castle!!!! Once inside he was in awe of his surroundings. Sparkly this and that. And then he turned and there was the Wizard, who looked down and said, "Hello little fellow, what is troubling you?" "Oh Wizard you must help me, I have traveled long and far in search of great speed and you are the one I seek." "Hmmm , I think I can help you." Into the back they went and thus began the transfomation.

Hours and hours later, "Eureka, its alive!" exclaimed the Wizard. The little Rustler shook himself off and peered into the mirror. Words could not describe how he felt. He turned to Al with tears of nitro in his eyes and said, "Wizard, how can I ever thank you." The Wizard replied, "Oh thats the easy part, follow me over here" (to the cash register). As they parted the little Rustler looked over his fender only for a moment and then with break neck speed drove off into the night.


All images and descriptions by onroadrider (onroadrider_26@msn.com).

** Be sure to click on the images below to see the large, zoomed-in versions **

Click to enlarge

The Deans Roadkill body is an essential element of the set up on this rig. This body provides exceptional downforce with it's broad nose and flat roof. Depending on track conditions you may want to have a large wing as seen here or if the traction is high go with something low profile for less drag.

Click to enlarge

This car would be going nowhere fast without the help of these high quality Elegi foams. I mounted 1/8 scale on-road donuts on 2.2 truck rims. The stickers that come with the donuts aren't there just for looks -- they are an aluminum foil-type decal and they actually save the tires (for a little while anyway).

Click to enlarge

As you may have guessed by now this is a 4-Tec rear end with pro ball diff. Yes, the rustler arms do fit, but they have to be shimmed in order to work properly. The aluminum Big Bore shocks are significantly smoother than the stock plastic Ultra Shocks and just look plain cool.

Click to enlarge

The upper deck is from a Traxxas Nitro Sport. The reason I went with this is for the clean layout, the direct servo control, and the ability to mount the reciever lower in the chassis. I also like the potential for easier ackerman steering adjustment if I ever got around to making the mods to the servo mount. The Traxxas fiberglass front shock tower is one tough piece of equipment and the RPM bumper takes all the "Doh!! Where did that board come from?" hits.

Click to enlarge

No that's not a Picco engine. I replaced the heat sink on my RB concepts rear ex turbo with the old one off my .12 rc speed. The Ofna air filter does a great job and provides all the air flow this thing could ever need. The boost bottle is not really needed on this engine but I just couldn't resist. As you can see I used Serpent (stiff) springs on this set up, however this was for one exceptionally smooth track -- when running on a normal parking lot a looser set up is best. No, don't try to add the 4-Tec sway bars to this -- it doesn't work well at all.

The C-VEC pipe pictured is just one of the coolest sounding pipes around in my opinion.

Click to enlarge

The Ofna two-speed gets this baby going in a hurry. However, with the higher gear ratio of the larger foams (compared to the touring size tire), you will need to find the lowest pinion you can get. It also helps to have a high output engine such as this one. The TRX-15 can't and won't do this truck justice.